Key processing Machines

Magazine Filler

The supply of the processing system with the key blanks can be managed in various ways. Depending on the existing logistic processes and the customer´s requirements regarding space, costs, desired automation degree or interconnection with other systems, we develop a suitable solution.  In many cases, the supply via stack magazines is an optimal solution as it offers advantages, for example regarding the time effort which is necessary for equipping the stacks. Furthermore, it is possible to   buffer a great number of key blanks, which allows the self-sufficient working of the machine for a longer period of time. Still, there is also a disadvantage: the magazines must be filled. This usually takes place manually. Especially, when the same key blank type shall be processed in greater quantities or during night shifts, an automatic filling of the magazines can become interesting in order to reduce the workload of the employees. Therefore, HEITEC Auerbach developed fully or semi-automated magazine fillers. The functioning of the magazine filler is simple but effective:  the key blanks are filled in the vibratory feeder, from where they are transported to the separation unit.

Each separated key slides by its own weight into the filling position of the provided magazine slot and is pushed into one of the rods. The worker then puts a pole through the holes of the key blanks, puts the strung blanks in the magazine and in this way fills it with only a few steps.

Man and machine in motion