Support concerning CE-Processes

Support concerning CE-Processes

The safety of machinery is fundamental to safe and efficient production. Various directives are intended to ensure the highest level of safety in manufacturing companies. Experts are needed for the assessment, testing and certification within this process.

We have been independently supervising the safety processes of our plants for many years. Therefore, we have a great deal of specific knowledge and also expert personnel who now also inspect plants in other companies for their safety and provide advice on the preparation of CE certifications.

Do you want to build new machines yourself or modify existing plants? Our experts will support you in looking after your machinery with regard to machine safety. Our range of services includes:

  • Determination of conformity, machine acceptance
  • Assessment of used machines, risk assessment
  • Assessment of modifications to machines with regard to machine safety
  • Calculations and measurements according to DIN EN ISO 13855
  • Periodic inspections of machines according to DGUV V3 and DIN EN ISO 13855
  • Preparation of documentation

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