Cylinder Core Processing - Broaching Machines

Cylinder Core Processing - Broaching Machines

A functioning lock consists of two main parts: the key and its counterpart - the corresponding core.  With our comprehensive insight and experience in the lock and key industry, HEITEC Auerbach offers reliable and efficient automated processing solutions for both the key and the core.

Our HEITEC broaching machines allow the fully automated broaching of profiles in cylinder cores. According to the technical requirements, we equip our broaching machines with client-specific tool carriers which are able to carry up to 900 broaching tools. Therefore, it is possible to broach a large number of different profiles. We usually equip our broaching machines with a basic profile block or single axes, but in case of a great variety of profiles, a quick-change unit may be a better option. Furthermore, different clamping devices can be used. With all these different options, we are able to react to the customer´s needs and requirements, in order to develop a suitable machine solution which fulfils all expectations regarding the required processes, output and cycle time.  

Our know-how and experience as well as high-quality and modern components guarantee well-functioning, efficient and up-to-date systems. For example, all axes of our broaching machines are equipped with synchronous servo motors in order to achieve minimum cycle times. In addition, various monitoring systems for the broaching tools support a safe and trouble-free functioning of our machines and furthermore reduce tool costs.

There are various options for the input and the output of the cylinder cores. Depending on the customer´s circumstances and requirements, our customers can decide between an input as bulk material via vibratory feeder bowls, the input via stack magazines or an input with a robot, transferring the cores from trays directionally to the process

Coupling our systems with upstream or subsequent processes within the framework of a fully automated processing system is just as possible as the integration of postprocessing of the cores within our machines – such as drilling, deburring or assembly tasks. There are numerous processes and possibilities we are able to realize.

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