Our quality policy

Our quality policy

Under the slogan 

A product from the HEITEC Group 

We have been supplying special machines for the highest demands for many years.

The constant improvement of our products is our obligation. In order to increase the transparency of operational processes, to achieve higher customer satisfaction and to minimize the error rate and thus costs, we have decided to be certified according to ISO 9001 - and have been doing so successfully for many years. The principles of quality management are an integral part of our corporate philosophy, because they are the basis of our long-term successful business activities and long-term customer relationships.

Our customers 

set the benchmark for our quality, because it is precisely their judgment of our products and services that is decisive for us. For us, quality means meeting the required and unspoken customer expectations. Quality means that enquiries, offers, orders, etc. are processed correctly, quickly and on time. Adherence to delivery dates, competitiveness, contribution of know-how and cooperation are parameters by which we are measured. 

Our employees 

are highly motivated and feel committed to our quality goals. They have the task of contributing to the realization of their jobs through flawless work. Quality work is a matter of honor for our employees.

In order to obtain a high and up-to-date level of knowledge, we offer our employees and managers training and further education on relevant topics. After all, it is our employees who make our company successful.

We promote the motivation of all employees in the company in order to ensure friendly cooperation and a pleasant working atmosphere.


Promoting the entrepreneurial thinking and acting of the employees is a prerequisite for their inclusion in a continuous improvement process of the quality and effectiveness of our products and processes. Newly introduced processes are documented and the documents are managed accordingly to ensure consistently high quality in all areas. These processes are transparent and clearly defined and are subject to a continuous improvement and further development process. 


We are not only a reliable and consistent partner for our customers, but also for our suppliers. We see them as partners and therefore maintain an open, fair and informative style of communication. We place high quality demands on our suppliers and support them in pursuing common quality goals. The selection of suppliers is not just a question of price. It is just as important for a long-term and fair partnership that the supplied parts meet our high quality standards.

Our quality policy is determined by the management. This is regularly checked for its usefulness and appropriateness and adjusted if necessary.

This is supported by the management and clearly defined in our quality management manual. 

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