Sheet Metal Processing

HEITEC Auerbach develops individual solutions with as little dependence on suppliers as possible. Therefore, we have a sheet metal processing department, which makes it easy for us to get sheet metal for our machine housings or welded frames as basis for our machines quickly and according to our ideas. Of course, we also offer those services to other companies. Our scope of services in the field of sheet metal production includes the manufacturing of single or serial parts or assemblies, made of aluminium, stainless steel, sheet metal or galvanized sheet metal. With modern production technologies, we are able to manufacture high-quality products. We also realize difficult requirements quickly and precisely. Our scope of services also includes the production of technical components and complex thin sheet metal assemblies in samples or as small and medium batch productions. We also manufacture welded frames both for our own machines, as well as for other companies. With HEITEC Auerbach as your partner in sheet metal production, you get everything – also, non-standard solutions: we design and manufacture special housings in 19-inch-format, also as single pieces.

Examples for realized work in the sheet metal and welded frame production are:

  • individual housings, e.g. for medical technology
  • special housings in 19-inch-format
  • supply parts for machine construction and electrical industry
  • manufacturing of welded frames