HEITEC Auerbach develops and builds its machines and systems completely in Ellefeld. The automation is no exception – all our systems are planned, equipped and programmed by our engineers.  We use Siemens or Beckhoff control systems in our machines, which must be adapted to our machines and the specific purpose. Therefore, all necessary adjustments and extensions are made by our HEITEC specialists, who are experts in programming PLCs, NCs and robots. It is no problem to integrate customized order management or monitoring or readout functions for the order status or other data concerning the order or production. The visualization / HMI-programming is carried out by our own software engineers, as well.

During all stages of the construction of our machines, it is our aim to create systems allowing a sensible and efficient process flow. As we have all steps of development in our hands, we can thereby also react to our customer´s requirements, also at a later point of time. Often, modifications on our customer´s existing machines become necessary due to changes in the customer´s product range or because of new requirements e.g. regarding quality management. In these cases, we can react fast and easily, as we do not need external partners. This is also a major advantage in case of damages or planned service and maintenance assignments. In many cases, our software engineers can help quickly by implementing a remote connection with the machine and making necessary changes.