HeiKey proline STANDARD

THE standard in professional key machining
NO compromises in machining quality and machining speed
compact - high precision - high quality
autonomous - flexible - expandable
Up2date - easy2use - HeiMI 2.0

General machine description

The HeiKey proline STANDARD combines the proven proline quality with an unbeatable price-performance ratio. The basis is the development of a basic machine with all the necessary stations and all the options for processing almost all key variants. Designed as a basis for a key system, the machine can be expanded almost without limits through a multitude of options and expansion possibilities right from the start or at any time later and thus be adapted exactly to the customer's needs.

No compromises are made in the choice of components. Whether machining spindles, feed units or control via IPC - everything in proven proline quality designed for 24/7 machining. The contemporary design and, last but not least, the intuitive HeiMI 2.0 user interface round off the overall concept perfectly.

All inclusive already in the basic machine

With the selection of the basic machine, you already have all services included for a defined key system. From the design adaptation of the magazines and clamping parts to the production-ready commissioning of the coordinated system - with the included delivery of the STANDARD, production can start immediately. And all this without any project effort on the part of the customer - Heitec Standard makes it possible.

HeiKey proline STANDARD

HeiKey proline STANDARD

Basis configuration

Basic frames

  • - Proven steel welding frames from the proline series
  • - Integrated chip tray
  • - Integrated station pneumatics
  • - Integrated, air-conditioned control cabinet


Key handling

  • Proven, pneumatic rotary gripper units from the proline series
  • Pneumatic infeed into the stations
  • Servo-driven, reversing movement for transfer between stations


Station 1 - Infeed rotary table and magazines

  • Rotary indexing table with table top for holding 20 magazines
  • Separating mechanism to provide the keys for handling
  • One set of magazines
  • Magazines can be changed while the machine is running


Station 2 - Marking station

  • Free choice between scribing and needle embossing


Station 3 - Spine rounding

  • Rounding of the key back on one or both sides
  • Belt-driven, water-cooled servo machining spindle with HSK-C40 for manual tool taper change
  • HSK Tribos tool holder and solid carbide end mill included in delivery


Station 4/5 - Profiling

  • Two identical stations on second machining module
  • Profiling of the key on both sides
  • Water-cooled HF machining spindle with manual HSK32
  • Tools optionally available - choice between side milling cutters and indexable inserts


Station 6/7 - Drilling calottes flat side

  • Two identical stations on third machining module
  • Key drilling on both sides
  • Two water-cooled HF machining spindles with automatic collet chucks
  • Fully automatic tool change and tool length measurement
  • Stocking of two spare tools per spindle
  • Six standard calotte drills incl. brass ring in scope of delivery 

Station 8 - Side drilling of calottes

  • Drilling on both sides of the key at the back of the key
  • Water-cooled HF machining spindle with automatic collet chuck
  • Fully automatic tool change and tool length measurement
  • Stocking of two spare tools
  • Three standard calotte drills incl. brass ring included in delivery 

Station 9 - Notch milling

  • One-sided notching of the key
  • Belt-driven, water-cooled servo-machining spindle with HSK-C40 for manual tool taper change
  • HSK tool holder and solid carbide disc cutter included in delivery
  • Plunge milling or path milling possible 

Deburring unit

  • Key-specific deburring operations 

Output magazine

  • Filling by output robot
  • 10 magazine shafts with the same capacity as the input
  • Integrated bulk material output 


Safety-compliant machine enclosure based on a sheet metal construction with integrated Makrolon viewing panels

  • RGBw machine lights with integrated status indication
  • Access-screened operating and maintenance windows - input monitored for safety 


  • Spindle cooling unit integrated
  • 22 inch multi-touch operating panel integrated in housing

Man and machine in motion