HeiKey compact

With our HEIkey compact key processing cell, a smaller number of machining processes can be carried out in a safe, efficient and space-saving machine solution. Up to four machining stations can be mounted on its basic frame – which is absolutely sufficient for the complete coding of safety keys or for the integration of patented elements. By manual retooling, the number and extent of fully automated machining processes can be increased.

Various input and output solutions can be implemented, depending on the customer´s requirements regarding degree of automation and handling. Possible input solutions for the key blanks can be as bulk material and further transportation via circular conveyors, or an input of the blanks in stack magazines. This requires manual equipment of the stacks with the key blanks. A robot installed in the middle of the machine performs the transfer of the keys. In the machining stations, which are arranged in a circular manner around the robot, processes such as drilling, milling, marking/ engraving or brushing/deburring can be realized. The output of the completely processed keys can take place as bulk material, sorted in trays, on stack magazines or on key rings.

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