Gas Cylinder Recycling System

In the year 2009, we received an inquiry regarding the automated recycling of industrial gas cylinders. We had not been active in this field before, and the cylinders were significantly bigger than the parts our machines usually handle and process. But the longer we dealt with a possible solution, the more we were excited to see the realization of our ideas. The result was a fully automated recycling system for emptied gas cylinders in various sizes consisting of an input station, two big robots and all in all ten processing stations as well as an automated character recognition system. In those stations, the cylinders are weighed, valves are unscrewed, threads are re-cut, and former embossing is removed and replaced. Our system automated processes in our client´s company, which had been realized manually before, and presented a high level of injury. The management as well as the workers are very satisfied with our solution since the beginning of its functioning in 2011. This also shows the order of two additional gas cylinder recycling systems seven years later.