Key processing Machines

HeiKey proline

With our HEIkey proline, all options for key proccing are available. The input of the key blanks can be realized with different solutions, such as stack magazines or with circular conveyors similar to the options for our HeiKey compact. A linear transfer system transports the keys from one processing station to the next. The possible machining processes with the HEIkey compact are broad and include for example the processing of basic profiles, back rounding, the the realization of additional characteristics by drilling, milling, marking or engraving as well as post processes like brushing and deburring.  The output of the processed keys can for example be on key rings, on stacks, sorted in trays or as bulk material. Depending on the number and type of processing stations, an output of 6-12 pieces per minute can be reached. The integration of or an interconnection with postprocesses, such as measuring, inspecting or clip assembly can be integrated without any problem. Due to the modular construction of our HEIkey proline, further machining processes can be integrated at a later point of time.

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