Key processing Machines

The processing of keys requires a high level of know-how regarding the perfect combination of the given material, tools, and technical parameters to obtain optimal results. There are various machining processes that must be realized in order to ensure a safe and smooth functioning of the key. Depending on the key´s safety level, those characteristics and parameters vary widely. With our long-time experience in this complex field, we are able to build machines that are able to meet the requirements regarding cycle time, precision and safe processes. But it is not only that – numerous further aspects must be considered, such as the number and type of different key types that shall be processed, also the perfect solution for input and output of the keys must be found. In modern production, intelligent process monitoring and the interconnection with upstream or downstream systems are important matters. With our key processing machines, we fulfill our client´s requirements regarding all those aspects and offer support during the process of finding a machine solution which fits with the client´s given conditions – such as the required results, the production circumstances as well as existing processes and structures in material management or software. We are aware of the fact that our client´s base is the safe and smooth functioning of their products. By using all our know-how, more than 20 years of experience in this field, high-quality components, up-to-date control technology, and by developing smart software solutions as well as clear visualization in order to provide smart and efficient processing machines, we do our share. A constant further development of our machines aiming for even better solutions and a reliable service are a matter of course for us. Considerable companies of the European sector trust in our solutions, such as ABUS, DORMAKABA, ASSA ABLOY, WILKA, ISEO, CES or BASI.

With the years, we emerged two types of key processing machines. The customer´s specifications define, which type is appropriate. Both machine types will be customized to the customer´s individual needs, but they vary in their basic structure:

Our HEIkey compact is a machining cell based on a machine frame consisting of one module, on which the input and output stations, the processing stations and the robot for key handling is mounted. This machine type is perfectly suited for not more than four machining processes.

Whenever a great number of machining processes becomes necessary or a low cycle time must be met, our HEIkey proline will be the perfect solution. With its modular construction and a linear transfer, there are hardly any limits regarding the number and type of processes, input and output solutions and the possibility to integrate postprocessing.

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